Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just a quick post today. This is what i wore today! Featuring, surprise surprise the american apparel spandex leggings. ( i swear theyve been washed!!) i was just dashing about my local city doing some errands and chasing things up so it was quite a casual comfy slouchy outfit but teamed with some heels to give it an edge :)

Happy Wednesday

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Boy, what is with this weather!! its a fashion lovers nightmare, too muggy for any kind of waterproof but then it tips it down... ruined sandals, ruined tan, ruined hair... how miserable.

In other news, my hair's had a humongous growth spurt.. maybe its something to do with this tropical weather we're having who knows, if it is, ignore what i said up there.. i love this weather!! I can now get my hair into a kind of top knot with the help of a lot of grips and im chuffed ;) Word of advice: if your hairs really dry and damaged on the ends and is prone to looking a bit frizzy because of this, get yourself some mythic oil by loreal. Pricey stuff at £15 for a bottle but it lasts flippin ages and it seriously sorted my hair out.

Don't know if you guys know but I'm a model. Had a really great shoot last sunday, although it lasted 15 hours (yawwnnn) i enjoyed every second of it and i can't wait to share the photographs when i receive them. My hair was pin curled (took 3 hours!) and then set which created a huge afro and my trademark blonde dipdye was dip dyed ink blue! not to my taste for everyday so thankfully it came out but looked absolutely wicked on the photos, i also bagged myself a pair of american apparel spandex leggings on the shoot. I was an american apparel virgin until the stylist walked through the door with these badboys and picked them for me to wear. i absolutely adore them,they suck you in and make your bum look fab and i love how high waisted they are. I'm an absolute american apparel convert.

Now, I'll have to admit.. I've had a bit of a spending spree these last few weeks. I blame the sales tempting me. Is it me or are the prices of things being slashed insanely. The River Island sale started yesterday so if you get yourself down there you'll still get the pick of the crop and my, what a crop there is. Went mad. I hate that umming and arring decision in the fitting room when sale shopping when you love everything but you have a quick word with yourself "do you really NEED this" but then you know that it'll be gone in a flash if you leave it. ARGHH.

Anyhoo this is a little selection of what I've bought over the last few weeks starting with my River Island bargains:

Shorts: River Island. Orignally £20 down to £10. If you see these in your store and like them i'd definitely go down a size. They're huge. Big confidence boost though as I'm more of a 10 nowadays and even the 8's are a little baggy ;) saw these in meadowhall, sheffield on sunday just before the sale launch and they caught my eye at full price so that's always a sign for me to definitely buy them in sale (excuses, excuses... like i need any!)
I plan to team them with this blazer and a plain grey or black top and statement necklace for my boyfriends aunties hen do at the end of the month. Its a tricky occasion as shes having day time 'activities' and then a meal and drinks at night so can't go out in the day in night out clobber but then want to feel a bit more special than daywear so im thinking this.

Blazer: River Island. Originally £35 down to £20. Not a huge saving on this one but justified it because on sunday at meadownhall i was looking in primark for a blazer this colour similiar to the turquoise one i've got. so when i saw this i was like eeee :D i bought it in a 12 because i'm very broad shouldered believe it or not and i hate wearing tight fitting tops. i wanted it to be baggy as apposed to a more formal blazer. I think this blazer and the previous aztec shorts will look very bright, but good and most of all suitable for the hen do.
Will probably wear these shoes that i also got in the river island sale (bet theyre loving me)

Shoes: River Island. Originally £50 down to £20. A much better saving on these bad boys. i have a very similiar pair to these just with a more cone shaped heel that i bought a few years ago and didnt really wear because i just wasnt a fan of the heel shape so im glad they brought them out with more of a block heel because theyre dead easy to walk in. I've popped the other ones that i had on ebay so take a look hereif you fancy. Theyre practically brand new, in fact i dont ever remember wearing them out and theyre really comfy. A few of my friends have said they prefer the heel on the ones im selling, its just personal preference i guess and im selling them starting at 99p so youll get yourself a bargain :)

Skirt: River Island. Originally £25 down to £6 (actual sale price £10 - ticketed wrongly) id seen a skirt in the urban outfitters thats just opened in my home city of York, it was a grey tie dye kind of maxi and i loved it but i refused to pay the astronomical price that they were charging, can't remember off the top of my head what is was now, i've probably blanked it out it was that traumatic ;) when i saw this in the sale it reminded me of it so had to have it. Now it was actually ticketed wrong in my local store, in actual fact its a tenner but its still a bargain. Had to get it in a 12 because that was the smallest size they had left and i'm not entirely sure whether it's meant to be a full length maxi or not but it certainly isn't on me. wore it today with a plain grey tshirt and wore it really high waisted with a belt.

Top 1(top): Primark. Originally £10 down to £5. Top 2 (bottom): Primark. Originally £10 down to £5. I like to see this as a bit of gypo primark bogof. I feel rather cheap rifling through the primark sale section but if you dress somewhat alternatively then you often find the things that are a little unusual find themselves in the sale because the regular vest top,leggings, fake uggs kind of primark girl wouldnt go for that kind of thing. (not that theres anything wrong with vest tops, leggings or fake uggs!)wanted both of these full price but thought a tenner was a bit steep for them considering the quality of fabric etc. I cant wait to wear the drop back sheer top with my american apparel leggings, some statement jewellery and some gladiators.

Top dress: Topshop. Originally £45 down to £25. Liked this full price, i love the colours in it and the bagginess of it. I stupidly walked past it full price though because i assumed it would be dry clean only and because i'm such a generally messy person buying dry clean only items just isnt a financially viable option for me, i just wouldnt get the wear out of the stuff. However it isnt dry clean! machine wash yay! snapped it up for £25 plus i got my staff discount on top of that which is handy. Havent worn it yet because i was toying with the idea of wearing it for my boyfriends aunties wedding in late august but i've bought another dress for that which ill show you in another post so thats shelved that idea for now.
Middle shorts: Topshop. Originally £28 down to £15. I have these shorts in a turquoise colour and i love them because theyre such a staple go-to pair of shorts. beautifully high waisted and a lovely slouchy fit so i decided to get the berry colour too, no regrets so far :)
Bottom bralet: Topshop. Originally £25 down to £15. I love bralets but i often have a problem with the fit and can never decide. I'm quite wide round the rib area but very small chested so they never work for me but i didnt find this too bad. Bought it in a 10 because the 8 was too tight round the middle. The boob are is gapey and rather pointy as a lot of topshop customers said about it on the review section on the website but i find with a very padded bra underneath it fills out just fine :) plan to wear it under look cut, scoop sided tops but wore it with the berry shorts on its own for a night out the other week and it looked good :)

Shoe bargain of the year. H&m: dont know how much they were originally but i got them for £2.99!!!!!! granted they were supposed to be £7 in the sale (which is still a bargain) but oddly enough she managed to scan a jewellery barcode and got them for £2.99 i arent complaining! I always always go straight to gold jewellery, gold sandals, gold accessories, gold everything and im starting to find silver more appealing at the moment. i think these will go with so much in my wardrobe.

Drop back maxi dress: Topshop. £30. not a sale bargain unfortunatley but a new purchase all the same. Already worn it twice. Its design has something very boutique designer about it, well i think so anyway. went through the till as swimwear which makes sense as its very sheer but i just wear some black cycling shorts and a bandeau underneath which solves that problemo.

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge. £28. Thinking of taking this one back. I'm not sure about it, its material is very heavy and seems almost draggy and that after one wash itll go out of shape but i love its colour and style and had visions of wrapping it and putting a tan belt round the middle, hmm decisions!

Last but not least, the leggings! American Apparel, £33. The picture REALLY doesnt do them justice, will have to do an outfit post with them on because theyre really amazing and i can wear them with so many things.

So phew, thats it i think! Hope youre all having a great day and have found some bargains in the sales too!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hey everyone!
Hope you're all good and been enjoying the sun! Apparently the weather is going to cool right down and get all dreary tomorrow which is depressing me slightly but for now i'm sat in the garden soaking up the last of the sun!

Here's my week in photos:

L-R: Me and my boyfriend James, a yummy salad, soaking up the sun!, me and james, one of my fave necklaces and me new tomato-ey coloured top, my ever expanding clothes rail, my hair can finally go up without 8459534 hair grips!, me at the seaside!, the seaside, cheesy chips mm, laid on the beach, J<3'sK nawww, me and james, me and a rather large man, nice shot of the harbour at scarborough, me being a poser

And a quick outfit post:

top, necklace: topshop, skirt, bangles: miss selfridge, shoes: office
Absolutely love this skirt, had loads of compliments on it and i just think its really summery and nice :) apologies for the state of my garden, the builders are in haha

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nails of the month

Had my nails done again today, i must admit i was unsure of what i even wanted when i went in, im getting sick of longer nails so was thinking of just getting an acrylic overlay but decided against it when i decided i wanted peach tips.
Really pleased with the colour and how summery and understated it is. I wear lots of pastel shades so itll match perfectly.

Hope everyones having a great wednesday

Sunday, 13 May 2012


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I'm poorly sick guys! I find being ill so frustrating because i can't get anything done that i want to!
Spent most of the day sleeping and online window shopping.

Discovered these beauties:

(Office, £60)

I absolutely love Office shoes but personally i find the fit of their shoes odd. I think its my feet, they're just uncomfortable. Might have a look in my local Office store when i feel better and try them on, i definitely wouldn't risk just buying them straight offline which is a pain.
Been thinking of loads of outfit ideas whilst on my sick bed, my dads just bought a decent slr camera so i'm gunna nab it off him and hopefully get some proper outfit posts up :)

Happy sunday everyone